by Sebastiano Ercoli and Alessandro Garlandini

LunchBook won the 1st prize in the competition “Expopack” for the design of a paper lunch box for Expo Milan 2015, which is dedicated to food and sustainability. LunchBook is a recipe book made of paper dishes showing recipes from all over the world. The user can taste the food while walking among the Expo 2015 stands. Once a dish gets dirty, he can remove it and use the following dish.

The dishes are made of paper coated with a water-proof biopolymer; thus, LunchBook is 100% recyclable and compostable.

Lunchbook opening

Lunchbook pages

single Lunchbook

Lunchbook and rice

Lunchbook wide open

The designers

Sebastiano Ercoli is a Milan-based designer. He graduated at Politecnico di Milano and now divides his time between research activity at the Politecnico and professional work for companies and studios. As a product designer, he dealed with a kitchen and several household appliances; he holds three patents on his solutions. He believes in semplicity and functionality.

Alessandro Garlandini is an Italian free-lance designer. He studied  at Politecnico di Milano and at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and he graduated in 2007 with a thesis about ecodesign and recycled materials. In 2008 he founded  ilVespaio,  network about sustainability and ecodesign. He designs products reusing production scraps and recycled materials, he offers consultancy  to companies to reduce their waste and he organizes events and exhibitions on sustainability.

Drop us a line

For any question, inquiry or curiosity, write us at:
sebastiano.ercoli (at) gmail (dot) com
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